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To support our mission of making a world in which all young people are free to learn and grow in supportive communities, we decided early on to put the ALC Starter Kit online for free. It got a light update and expansion in 2018, but 4000+ downloads later it was in need of an update to expand the perspectives, contexts, and possibilities that it offers. Version 3.0 went live in June of 2021! Follow our social media or join the ALC Network as a member for ongoing process and future release updates!

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The Agile Learning Center approach is being received extremely well by educators, parents, caretakers, and social innovators seeking a powerful approach to education. An ALC can take many forms, from small homeschooling collectives, summer camps, or after-school programs to fully operational schools. Some families have found our guide helpful for their home-based learning, and some non-education focused organizations have found it useful for working with teams of adults. Through these many small experiments around the world, we are constantly learning. As we play and adapt, independently and together, it’s our hope that the Starter Kit will offer a useful jumping-off point for current and future projects while offering a glimpse — however limited — of what’s possible.

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